Community Activities Lake Macquarie

Community Activities Lake Macquarie Incorporated (CALM) is a non government organisation funded by various government and community-minded business enterprises.  This includes the Department of Family and Community Services (NSW), the Department of Education and Communities (NSW) and Department of Social Services (Commonwealth). Situated in the Westlakes area of Lake Macquarie, CALM has supported people throughout the Lake Macquarie area for over 26 years.

CALM is commited to social justice.  The activities of CALM are motivated to achieve a greater sense of support and justice for families and individuals who find themselves in distressed circumstances.  The organisation's staff are always attentive to the individual's personal integrity and commits to treating all with compassion and integrity and without discrimination.

Through these actions, our programs and services aim to relieve social distress and deprivation experienced by families and young people, to assist them to overcome misfortune and to enhance their life opportunities.

CALM delivers the following services to children and families and youth from 0 to 25 years:

Child and Family Service  [Phone Contact: (02) 4950 3855] 
The CALM Child and Family team are a family support service offering direct services to families with children aged 0 to 12 years living in West Lake Macquarie. The CALM Child and Family team is made up of four qualified and experienced members of staff.

Youth Development Program
The Lake Macquarie Youth Development Officer (YDO) promotes and addresses the rights and needs of young people in the Lake Macqaurie area by supporting and resourcing the Lake Macquarie youth sector, community organisations and community members. 

The National School Chaplaincy
The National School Chaplaincy is funded by the Department of Education and Communities (NSW). CALM coordinates the National School Chaplaincy program providing support through a cluster model with Morisset, West Wallsend and Lake Macquarie High Schools, and a School Chaplain based at Swansea High School.