The Incredible Years Parents, Teachers and Children Training Series (3 to 6years)

Purpose/Main focus of program:
·         To improve parent-child relationship through the use of play. 
·         To teach parents how to help their child develop emotional, social, academic and persistence skills.
·         Provide parents with strategies to encourage the behaviour they want to see.
·         Provide parents with skills in developing and following through with rules and routines.

Target audience:
This program, while targeting parents of 3 to 6 year olds, would easily cover parents of 2 to 12 year olds.

Delivery options:
Best suited to a group setting over two terms as program is designed to utilise parents own expertise and the expertise of other parents rather than a focus on the presenter as the expert.  Aspects could be used 1:1, but the presenter would take on a teaching role rather than facilitator.

Summary of program:
This program is run over eleven 2 ½ hour sessions with homework each week.  Parents must attend both halves of the program outlined below.

The first half of the program covers:
·         Improving your relationship with your child
·         how to utilise play to develop a child’s emotional control, appropriate social behaviour, ability to problem solve and persistence with frustrating tasks 
·         Using effective praise and rewards to encourage the behaviours you want to see more of

The second half of the program covers:
·         how we can utilise routine, clear rules and directions, ignoring and distraction to reduce challenging behaviours 
·         appropriate consequences for challenging behaviour
·         a more in depth look at teaching children to problem solve